As human beings we are driven by emotions.
I love to capture and transform them into an  unique piece of ART. Dragons lead my way.


Dragons live here. And other creatures of all kinds.

I’ve been drawing these guys since my childhood. Well, especially dragons. For fun, family and friends. Did a bunch of custom works too, though.

Working as a graphic designer you get to do some creative work, but not as much as making purely artistic stuff. That’s why I chose to open my cave to the public.
Dragons lead my way – it can be fair and full of light, yet also pretty dark in here. Depends on you. Why?


Emotions – we’re all driven by them. We all have our secret chambers. Sometimes to be hidden forever. Yet not necessarily. Yeah – that’s what I’m talking about:

The crucial essence of my work and my artistic process is a part of YOU. The part, you wish to bring into the reality. EMOTION. FEELING. It can be anything. Anything you carry inside and wish to face it… well, literally.

So this dragoness is here, waiting in her cave. Excited and with her heart open to take care of your unique aspect, which can be captured and transformed into a piece of art.


Drawing, painting and sculpting – these are my domains.
I work with alcohol markers (COPIC, Ohuhu), various kinds of pens and acrylic paints. I usually create on canvas (white and black) or natural handpapers.

Commisions open.

Interested? Contact me here.