Be sure to control your inner judge and ego, because not everything that looks unpleasant and annoying is necessarily bad for you – what seems to be a problem you’d rather get rid of immediately by closing your eyes or running from it, can actually bear a valuable lesson. And once you admit, open your mind and heart humbly, you can surprisingly find out that there’s actually no pain and that you’re able to deal with the thing calmly and quite easily. Humbleness, love and strong will can be miraculous.

Now look at the picture again – what looked like a hunt has changed in a playful flight of two beings – by spending some time together they’re able to comprehend the true nature of each other and the clouds of chaos are slowly starting to disappear as the night sky’s becoming clear.
Don’t fear yourself.

Size: 12 x 16 in
Material: stretched canvas + alcohol markers

$200 + free shipping (USA)
*cost of international shipping is set individually

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